When it comes to male enhancement pills, it can be difficult to separate the quality products from the scams.

And make no mistake, some of this stuff does work — but the effective products are often swamped by mountains of sugar pills, placebos, and questionable herbs.

We looked at some of the top male sexual enhancement products on the market today to see which ones actually lived up to the hype, so that you can finally add some spark back into your love life — without wasting your money along the way.

What is the Best Male Enhancement Pill?

Best Male Enhancement That Works Immediately

Best All-Natural Male Enhancement

3. Semenax

Best Semen Enhancer

4. Max Performer

Best Cheap Sex Pill With Natural Ingredients

5. Extenze

Best for Maximizing Erection Size

Best Stamina Booster

1. BlueChew 

If you need something that works right away, there’s no better choice than BlueChew. 

Their tablets use the same active ingredients you’ll find in Viagra, so it works just as quickly and effectively. You simply chew it about half an hour prior to sex, and it should give you an erection powerful enough to have a memorable lovemaking session.

And these aren’t just regular boners, either. A BlueChew tablet makes your penis as hard as it’s ever been, and they can even heighten sensation. In fact, many guys use them even if they don’t suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Even better, their medication doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Since it’s the generic version of the little blue pill, you can get all the help you need for a fraction of what you’d pay for Viagra.

That’s not to say that BlueChew is perfect, of course. You will need a prescription (but they help you with that — it takes a few minutes, it’s totally painless, and you don’t actually have to see a doctor in person).

Also, there are a few side effects to contend with. They’re rare and generally not serious, but they do exist.

Overall, though, there’s nothing better than BlueChew for immediate help with erectile dysfunction. If you’re tired of not being able to perform, these tablets should give you all the boost you need.  Read my full bluechew review and results here, or check out some other reviews on cell-life.org.


- Uses same ingredients as Viagra
- Fairly inexpensive
- Tablets are easy to get


- Requires a prescription
- May cause side effects

2. Vigrx Plus 

If the idea of using pharmaceutical-grade drugs makes you nervous, Vigrx Plus is a supplement that works almost as well as BlueChew — and it uses all-natural ingredients.

Vigrx Plus is basically a collection of all the vitamins and minerals you need to create a strong erection, plus some herbal extracts that have long been prized for their effect on the male libido.

It’s not just good for giving you erections, though. It also helps you to get in the mood.

It may even be effective at reducing stress, which is a huge erection killer. That will make your entire experience more enjoyable, and may even improve the quality and duration of your orgasms.

However, the stuff has to build up in your system for you to see benefits. The manufacturer says not to expect results until you’ve been taking it for 30-60 days, so don’t expect it to save that hot date you have this weekend.

Also, it’s expensive for an herbal product. It’s much pricier than BlueChew, and since you’ll need to take it for quite a while, you’ll have to be willing to spend a lot of money on improving your penis.

All that money is well worth it if it brings your sex drive back to life, though.


- All-natural option
- Improves libido
- Can reduce stress


- Takes a long time to see results
- Very expensive

3. Semenax

Semenax is a little different from the other male enhancement pills on this list. For one thing, it won’t help you get an erection, so you’ll have to be able to handle that part on your own.

What it can do, however, is take your sex life to the next level. It’s a semen booster that increases your load size, first and foremost.

While that’s a great way to impress your partner, it has wonderful effects for you, too. Because you’ll have more semen to pump out every time you ejaculate, your pelvic muscles will have to work harder and longer. That means your orgasms will last longer and be more intense.

Also, because you’ll be giving the muscles involved in your orgasm more of a workout, you’ll develop more control over them. That can help you last longer.

Just as with Vigrx Plus, though, you’ll have to wait to see results. You should notice a difference after a month, but you’ll have to wait 90 days for it to take full effect.

Semenax is the type of product that many men should take if they value the quality of their sex lives. However, you may need to combine it with other solutions, especially if you suffer from erectile dysfunction.


- Increases volume of ejaculation
- Can make orgasms longer and more intense
- May help you last longer


- Doesn’t cause erections
- Takes a long time to see results
- Works best when combined with other solutions

4. Max Performer

Max Performer is another all-natural male enhancement solution, and it’s something of a jack-of-all-trades — but it’s a master of none.

It can do just about anything that other pills promise, including give you a harder penis, better orgasms, and bigger loads. It’s a good supplement choice if you want to improve your sex life across the board.

Max Performer

It’s not as good at any one particular thing as the specialists are, however. For example, if you just want an erection, BlueChew’s a better option, and Semenax will make your loads bigger.

You’d have to take both BlueChew and Semenax together to see the kind of results that Max Performer can offer, though. As a result, it’s ideal for guys who aren’t suffering from any problems in particular, but just want to be at their best when the lights go out.

There aren’t really any novel ingredients inside Max Performer. It has the same proven herbs that you’ll find in any other effective supplement — it just has more of them.

You’ll need to take them for a long time, too — two per day for at least three months. Since these pills aren’t cheap, that’s quite a commitment.

For men who want to perform at their absolute best every time, though, Max Performer is well worth it. We’d just advise going with another option if you’re hoping to solve a specific sexual problem.v


- Improves all aspects of sexual performance
- Good for men who aren’t suffering from any specific problems
- Uses lots of proven herbal ingredients


- Less effective than specialized products
- Takes a long time to work
- Expensive

5. Extenze

Of every male enhancement supplement on this list, Extenze is probably the most misunderstood.

Many people think it will increase your penis size. That’s not true — but it will make your penis as big as it can possibly be.

Think about it. Your erections aren’t all equally hard, which means that you’re not maximizing blood flow to your penis. It’s like a balloon that’s not inflated as much as it can be — you’re not reaching your full potential.

Extenze ensures that you get as much blood circulation as you possibly can, so your erections are as hard as a rock — and your penis is at max capacity. Besides making your manhood more impressive, it also makes it more pleasurable for your partner.

Of course, it can only work with what you bring to the table, so don’t expect miracles. Benefits will vary from person to person as well.

It also doesn’t create permanent penis enlargement, so you’ll have to keep taking it if you want to keep enjoying its effects.

If you’re not as hard as you think you could be, Extenze is your best bet for getting as hard as you possibly can. It’s something both you and your partner will notice — and definitely something you’ll both appreciate.


- Will maximize penis size
- Makes you hard as a rock
- Ensures as much blood flow as possible enters penis


- Results will vary
- Doesn’t create permanent change

6. Male Extra

Male Extra floods your body with oxygen, which helps you perform at a high capacity for as long as possible. It also feeds your body with the vital nutrients it needs to sustain that performance.

That enables you to have sex longer than you could before. It ensures all the muscles that are necessary for orgasm have the stamina to last as long as you want them to.

That doesn’t just mean slow lovemaking, either. You can thrust as hard as you want, and you’ll last considerably longer than you would otherwise.

Getting to that point is a slog, though. You have to take three pills every day, which gets old fast. If you’re not truly committed, you’ll quit before you see results.

We do like that every single vitamin (and its dosage) is listed on the label, which is rare for a male enhancement supplement. That makes it easier to avoid potential allergens. It also reduces the risk of adverse reactions.

If your primary concern is having as much sexual stamina as possible, it’s hard to go wrong with Male Extra.


- Increases stamina
- Lists every ingredient and its dosage
- Low risk of reactions


- Have to take lots of pills
- Takes months to see results

Which Male Enhancement Pill is Best for Harder Erections?

If your primary concern is erection quality, then you can’t beat BlueChew. It works quickly and it’s extremely effective, making it a great choice for spontaneous lovemaking.

It uses medical-grade ingredients that have been proven to work, so it has the best chance of being effective for many men. It doesn’t just give you an erection — it gives you consistently powerful erections, like the kind you had when you were a teenager.

It won’t necessarily improve your stamina or orgasms (although it might make you more sensitive), but nothing is better for getting hard on demand. 

After all, who needs to last all night when you can go multiple times instead?

Which Penis Pill is Safest?

This is a difficult question to answer, as different people are sensitive to different ingredients.

However, it will clearly be one of the all-natural male enhancement solutions. Virgx Plus is a safe choice for most men, as is Male Extra.

Ultimately, though, we’ll give the nod to Virgx Plus here. All of its ingredients are generally considered safe, and most are well-tolerated by the majority of men.

That’s not a promise, though. If you decide to take it, be on the lookout for any suspicious symptoms, and don’t hesitate to contact your doctor if you feel something is wrong.

What is the Best Pill for More Sexual Stamina?

Male Extra is our favorite sexual stamina booster. In addition to increasing blood circulation to the penis, it makes sure your body has plenty of oxygen and nitric oxide to perform at max capacity for as long as possible.

You’ll enjoy those boosted energy levels even if you prefer vigorous lovemaking. You’ll be able to go harder and longer than you have in some time, and your entire sexual performance should improve.

That’s not to say that it’s a cure for premature ejaculation, though. However, Male Extra should at least help.

What is the Best Pill for Bigger Loads?

If you want to increase the volume of your ejaculate, Semenax is the best option we’ve found.

There are several important nutrients your reproductive system needs to function at its peak, but unfortunately, most men don’t get enough of them in their diet. Semenax gives you all of the nutrients you need in massive (but safe) doses.

This causes your prostate and other glands to work harder, thereby increasing the amount of semen that gets produced.

Not only will your loads be larger, but your body will have to work harder to push them out — which means your orgasms should be longer-lasting and more intense, too.


Will Any of These Male Enhancement Pills Permanently Increase Your Penis Size?

No. Permanent penis enlargement is not possible, except through certain dangerous surgeries.

What several of them can do, however, is make your penis as big as it can possibly be — and possibly bigger than you’ve ever seen it before. They do this by flooding the penis with as much blood circulation as possible, ensuring that it’s as hard and stiff as it can be. 

It’s important to note, though, that the benefits will last only as long as you’re taking the pills.

How Long Does It Take for Male Enhancement Pills to Work?

Some of them — like BlueChew — work within minutes. Others take months to build up in your system. It all depends on the pill.

What Side Effects Should I Worry About?

Side effects are rare, so you shouldn’t have much of an issue at all. However, be on the lookout for things like:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Flushed skin
  • Erection that won’t go down
  • Backache or muscle pain
  • Blurred vision
  • Chest pain
  • Swelling of the face or throat

What Else Can I Do to Help the Pills Be as Effective as Possible?

There are several strategies you can use to increase the likelihood that these pills will work for you. Consider making the following changes to your life in order to improve your sexual well-being:

  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Get plenty of exercise
  • Reduce your stress levels as much as possible
  • Get your testosterone levels checked
  • Limit masturbation and porn use
  • Improve your relationship with your partner
  • Cut out cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol

Where Can I Get Male Enhancement Pills?

You can find many options at your local drug store or at specialty supplement chains like GNC. The pills sold there will skew heavily towards herbal solutions.

If you want pharmaceutical-grade pills, BlueChew.com provides generic Viagra at a reasonable price. You’ll need a prescription, but they make it easy and painless to get one.

You can also order Virgx Plus directly from the manufacturer at virgxplus.com. Doing so cuts out the middleman and saves you money while also ensuring you don’t get stuck with imitation pills.

The Best Male Enhancement Pills for You

All of the pills listed above should make your sex life more fulfilling and exciting. We like BlueChew due to how quickly it works and how hard it can make your penis, but any of the others should be helpful for solving any issues you may be having.

Ultimately, the most important thing you can do to boost your sexual performance is to take action. Don’t let another day pass without doing something to improve the quality and quantity of your erections.

You’ll be glad you finally did something — but only half as glad as your partner will be.

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